My New Fauvism

I am giving my latest paintings a wild and untamed approach by using more saturated color than those used in my realistic and abstract paintings. These new paintings, especially the ones with wildflowers represented, are part of a fervor I have for protecting a part of our world that, though most of us rarely even think of it,  is more exciting than a night in any sports bar or movie theatre. I hope some people will agree with me that the most exciting aspects of our existence fall into the category of things supplied by nature…..such wonders as gold finches, lady slippers, meadows and mountains.  I want my paintings to translate an emotion of urgency and yet speak of beauty that is fast falling victim to the bank rolls of the developer and his financiers. Men have the power to either destroy it or protect it and love it. We are a part of it. We must learn to often leave the controlled climates of our buildings and houses and connect with the environment that sustains us.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 17, 2007.

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