The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Oil on Canvas

31″X 36″


Framed $650   Now in the collection of Mr. J.T. Ormand

There have always been times when each of us has felt excluded.  During a time of self indulgence, I did this study using two colors.  I frequently work with silhouettes.  This study goes slightly beyond pure silhouette as does the painting called Fleecitations. The choice of color makes it a variation on my excursion into Fauvism.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 24, 2007.

One Response to “The Outsiders”

  1. After browsing through your virtual gallery of Nouveaufauves I found that I enjoyed the wildflowers and abstract works the best. I really enjoy the bright colors but your painting of the Outsiders is clearly my favorite. Rarely does art stir my emotions but I get two very contrary feelings from this piece. Outside of the building I feel cold dark and lonely while just through the doorway warm and bright feelings of comfort await. Please contact me and let me know if the piece is still for sale. You have a special talent that you should share with the world.

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