Black Water

Black Water

Collage Acrylic Painting

9″X 12″

Matted White $60

Eastern North Carolina has oval shaped “bays” called the Carolina Bays.  An aerial photo shows that the entire east coast of North and South Carolina are dotted with egg shaped depressions (a few are lakes… Lake Waccamaw and White Lake)  The bays are in sand and many have heavy deposits of peat.  Often there is a swamp with black water and the peat makes a dark tea  out of much of the wetland water.  The black water is rich with nutrients and grows many kinds of plants from algae to 2000 year old cypresses. This abstract makes me think of that rich water in those bays.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 26, 2007.

One Response to “Black Water”

  1. I love this. I want ot buy it. As soon as I get paid….
    It’s so vibrant and moving. I see so many different things in it. I could get lost in it.
    And it doesn’t hurt that it will go well in my house.

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