Winnie the Pooch

Winnie the Sentinel

Photo Winnie the Pooch

 When our black Lab and our Australian Shepherd, companions of 10 years, died within months of each other, I knew I wanted another dog.  I started looking at the animal shelter and soon found this mixed breed.  She was a pathetic looking little thing and her eyes were wild with fear.  Her ten month old puppy fur was ratty and dirty.  I named her Winnie because she looked sort of like a bear with her light brown eyes peeping out through her beigey fuzz.  Her appearance has changed completely, since her adult coat repalaced the puppy frizz and she is a handsome girl.  At the pound, she was scheduled for euthanasia  I asked why and they told me she was unadoptable……couldn’t be socialized.  However, they allowed me to take her to a room where perspective pet owners could interact with their chosen animal. The volunteers there encouraged me to adopt her and showed me how quickly she could be cheered up with some bits of weenies and lots of petting.  It didn’t take much convincing.  Her tail was wagging at the children looking through the glass and she was really warming up to me.  She has evolved from a little dog who went into a state of sheer panic at a loud noise to my brave sentinel.  She went with me to watch the fireworks last night and sat quietly through the display.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on July 6, 2007.

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  1. WINNIE-DOG!!!

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