Deep in the Cool Woods

Deep in the Cool Woods


12″X 15″    (

Recently I took a watercolor class from watercolorist, Shanti Marie whose BLOGS I have linked to mine. Although I have painted with watercolor all my life and have taken several classes in watercolor (as well as taught a few), I feel it is as important for an artist to “do class” is it is for a ballerina.  Being in a group situation is stimulating and motivating and new teachers always have some new things to share.  It both sharpens your skills and maintains the ones you have developed. This painting came out of her class and looks like it might illustrate a children’s play of Rumpelstiltskin with a song called Deep in the Cool Woods.   I have, in the past,  directed, and designed this theatre piece. It was written by a couple of friends of ours, Wes Van Tassel and Mark Ollington.  It was Mark’s wife, Becky who inspired the painting Becky In Remission, posted earlier on the BLOG

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on July 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “Deep in the Cool Woods”

  1. Wow, Sandra! Your work is incredible! I really don’t know too much about the art, so I can’t give you constructive criticism but even if I did know all the intricate details of art, I still doubt there would be any criticism to give; your paintings are truly beautiful! I’ll be sure to pass this website onto Patrick since he knows much more than I do (even if he chose the Anthropology way out of college instead of Art) I know he’ll be thrilled to see your work 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

  2. this painting is my favorite on the site. the color choice sweeps you in, throwing a sense of mystery in the clearer blue, and fear or something ominous with the darker shades.

  3. ……see you got problem fixed with photos (!), so I will re-link. roselynn

  4. Yes, it took hours to redo it myself. I have no idea what caused it. About half of them just disappeared. Praying it never happens again.

  5. wow! what a creation. really awsome.

  6. That has lovely color… it is strong and a amazing peace all around!!!

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