That Heavenly Helen Which I Saw of Late

That Heavenly Helen That I Saw of Late

Oil Painting with Collage

24″X 30″


My husband’s great aunt Helen was a “pistol”. The photo this painting was influenced by was, obviously, taken in the 1920’s when she was in her prime.  A dancer, against her father’s wishes, she made it respectable.  After marriage, she started a dance school where several generations of youngsters learned the joys of ballet, ballroom dancing, and many other forms. She traveled,  played a great game of golf, and loved her church and community. In her last years, her mind had launched into flights of confusion, but, even then, Aunt Helen could hold her own when it came to entertaining her guests.  We loved visiting her up until the last time we saw her.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on July 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “That Heavenly Helen Which I Saw of Late”

  1. Oh, Sandra, that’s beautiful! You really captured Helen’s very essence! I never met her but I remember the stories you and others told me about her, she made me regret giving up dancing for a while. The flowers and leaves all around the picture are incredible and Helen, of course, is beautiful. I really wish I could paint as well as you! It is simply breathtaking.

  2. being at sundance for the summer and just seeing bob redford the other night, i can’t help but be reminded of the glamour of gatsby and all that f. scott fitzgerald embraced of the 20’s. however, the beauty of this piece is that, while still fascinating and mysterious, the lady portrayed is strong and determined. you can tell because she is surrounded by doses of refreshingly stimulating images, and yet she keeps a satisfied expression, as if she knows she’ll determine her own destractions. this lady is no shallow daisy, but she probably absorbed the parties anyway.

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