Wild Bergamot Profusion

Wild Bergamot Profusion

Photo by George Gray

OK was this not a rush or what?  Wild Bergamot.  What a glorious blue bloom. It is Monarda fistulosa a cousin of the Bee Balm or Oswego Tea……see the family resemblance from past posts of the red flowering Bee Balm.  My husband has never known one plant from another during our 40 some years of marriage and, on this trip, he would suddenly pull the car over onto the shoulders and go running back up the road to get a shot of something he had spotted. He reminded me of my botanist father.  We never got anywhere in a hurry when I was a child, because my father kept stopping the car to go into the edge of the woods to check out something interesting growing there.  George and I had three books of wildflowers to try to be sure of what we were photographing, but Dad was, himself, a walking botany manual.  George learned the names of most of the flowers we shot.  I couldn’t believe he was doing anything more than indulging me but it was just best ten days of travel.  I soon began to believe he was truly interested in these little flowers.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on August 26, 2007.

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