Deer on the Parkway

Deer on the Parkway

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Photo by Sandra

Deer are abundant along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  They don’t seem to be very bothered by people.  They are too relaxed for their own good, I am sure.  The deer hunters in the area can’t have much of a challenge bagging some venison. It was a hard and fast rule, when I was a child, that you did not shoot does.  I don’t know about that anymore.  I have seen them killed by hunters and no one seemed appalled. Deer have not intrigued me as a subject for art although I have watched them at dusk coming into my brother’s yard to eat apples from a tree in the yard.  Their graceful silhouettes, as they stand on their hind legs, are worthy of a painting.  I designed a set for a stage version of Bambi for children. A friend turned me on to Franz Marc, who was indeed inspired by deer. I used his style for the set design.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on September 4, 2007.

One Response to “Deer on the Parkway”

  1. I love deer-spotting. We saw them a few times on the west coast, and I saw a couple large alongside I-77 last week on the way up to Davidson.

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