Turkscap Lily

Turks Cap Lily

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Photo by George Gray
Turkscap Lily is not uncommon on the parkway in the summer but we started to have trouble finding them in the wild.  People planted them in their yards as ornamentals and we snapped a few shots of them in flower beds close to the road.  Finally, my husband spotted some blooming wild in the midst of several varieties of wildflowers. they are a showy flower to be sure.  the smaller Carolina Lily is a close relative and looks almost exactly like it.  It usually has two blooms on it, however whereas the Turkscap often has many blooms on a spike.  I saw Carolina Lilies but passed them up for photographs until I couldn’t find any growing along the road anymore. then it was too late to take a photo.  Next year, maybe.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on September 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Turkscap Lily”

  1. zowie at the close-up.

  2. This flower is a little on the scary side. If it were bigger it coudl seve as a model for Audrey II.

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