Peaks of Otter , Abott Lake

Peaks of Otter Abott’s Lake

Photo by Sandra

This lovely little area on the Parkway was at a place called Peaks of Otter.  There was a man made lake here called Abott Lake.  According  the park literature, this area has been a recreation area for tourists since the turn of the last century so I am assuming the lake is old.  I found it very scenic.  Literature says stones were sent from the peak called Sharp Top to help build the Washington Monument. The peak we could photograph from the lake was Sharp Top and it came to one heck of a point. The name “otter” seems to have no relationship to the area ever having supported a population of otters. Instead, it is thought that Scotsmen who settled there (Ewing’s)  gave the peaks familiar names of locations in their homeland which had many place names with the word “otter”. Since I am of Scottish descent, this caught my interest. My ancestors settled in North Carolina in the early 1700’s. They received land grants in the flatlands and wetlands of the Carolina Bays of eastern North Carolina (Bladen County).  I was reminded, in this story about the naming of the peaks, that the sandy, swampy flatlands were probably very foreign to my Highland Scots ancestors.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on September 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Peaks of Otter , Abott Lake”

  1. Sandra,

    I too am of Scottish descent. I love your photography and paintings.

    We may be kin.

    Take a look:

  2. Thanks for the complement. Glad some of my work speaks to you somehow. I will look at your site. My dad’s first cousin keeps a website going on the McKays (pronounced McCoy) they are having a reunion in Bladen County soon. My great grandmother was a McKay and that is how distant that connection is, but we had McKeithans, McColls, Melvins, Salters, Adkinsons, Sykes’, Moore’s, Dunham’s, Cromarite’s etc. My dad wrote two genealogies before he died. They were dedicated to me and my brother. I never appreciated them as much as I do now. Don’t see any Howards in the index.

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