Ironweed Pods

Ironweed Pods

Ironweed Pods

Photo by George Gray


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on September 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ironweed Pods”

  1. I can’t believe this photo – I really like it. My favorite subjects are seed heads and that ilk. I have a slide show on my blog of perhaps 20 photos because I was afraid to post so many photos of ‘dead stuff,’ yet I wanted them represented. My compromise were the slides. I think they are lovely subjects. And then there’s the symbolism of the regeneration cycle…so much to say.

  2. Yes I agree about the symbolism of seed pods. They are so esthetically pleasing to me, too. I will view your slide show. People used to save seeds every season. I think we should get back to that practice. Dad grew some tomatoes from some seeds that had been handed down from his grandmother and her 1800’s garden. I think we broke the line though. I don’t know if he saved them or where he put them. His home was damaged from a house fire and we didn’t save everything in it. I am growing several wild plants that had belonged to my father and every fall I take the seeded parts and go out to some fields or woods and shake them.

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