Inland Waterway Cloud Reflection

Inland Waterway Cloud Reflection

Photo by Sandra

My photographer blogger friends are going to laugh at my sunset photos.  As much as we may be inclined to find sunsets trite, I can’t deny that I found this one spectacular.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on September 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Inland Waterway Cloud Reflection”

  1. Spectacular indeed! Amazing sky and reflection you’ve captured here!

  2. Nothing trite about this shot. The cocoon-like composition is incredible. I’d love to see you paint this.

  3. WOW! i love this! I agree with Pamela. I would love to see your abstract impression of this view and the feeling it captured

  4. Thanks to all of you, especially my gifted photo blogger friends. I am still just collecting images for inspiration in my painting endeavors……not looking to become a photographer. I just know “deep down” that I don’t have what it takes. But that is OK with me. I tried mosaics too, as Pam Goode, the mosaicist, knows. (You should check out her blog) I found that it was not a medium I felt comfortable working in. Trying these two media has made me ever so much more appreciative of the art of others in these fields.

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