Horse Turning to Say “Hi”

Horse’s Ass

Photo by Sandra

 I named this Horse’s Ass in my files, but this is too elegant a horse to be called such things.  Her backside is a lovely picture.  She is about to turn and walk towards George to be petted and maybe get a treat. I like this angle and it would make an interesting image of a horse in a drawing or painting. 

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on October 3, 2007.

9 Responses to “Horse Turning to Say “Hi””

  1. nice shot, funny title!

  2. Thanks, Ankush. I am truly flattered that you are looking at my photos. You are such a pro and I am not really very good. I am a painter and not much of a photographer. I see you have your Flickr photos and link on your sidebar. I can’t find the instructions for doing that. Where do they tell you how to do that? I have spent hours looking for a way to do it. The Flickr account does not offer any help and WordPress info is still elusive.

  3. I love this picture… what a pretty horse! But what really did it for me in this photo is the markings on her butt, almost like lip prints — you know if you put lipstick on and kissed something – the mark it makes. To cute!

    I think to put the flickr side bar on your blog, you do it from your wordpress admin section.

    Click on presentation
    Look for Widgets in the bar below where it says presentation
    Click on the widgets tab
    look for Flickr in the list
    Drag it up to your side bar.

    Now keep in mind I have not activated the flikr widget on my blog… so my instructions might be lacking!

  4. Note to self: Look at the sidebar before posting instructions… duh!

  5. Thanks Truddle. My problem is getting my own images onto that Flickr widget. I’m supposed to put something in the widget? Anyway. thanks for the help.

  6. Ahhhh gottcha… what you need to do…. remove the flikr widgets from your side bar… then repeat the steps I listed above… when you have it dragged up… click on the widget box… the little box right beside where it says flickr… in this box you need to put your flickr account rss…

    To find what yours is log into your flikr account… click on you… which will bring you to a page with your images on it… scroll to the bottom of the page… look for where it says…
    Subscribe to xxxyournamexxx photos – right next to this you will see the word latest, which is linked… right click on this word…. click on properties … copy the address then paste this address into your widget box… and that should do it.

  7. As you can see, I finally got my pics up on Flickr. Thanksl You should hire on for WordPress support.

  8. Whoooo Hoooo I am so glad it worked for you! The thanks is two fold though, in order to find the proper steps for you to take I went through it myself, and put my own flickr box on my blog — taking note of the steps I took so I could share them with you.

  9. Looks like a gentle giant !

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