Inland Waterway cloud reflection

Inland Waterway cloud reflection, originally uploaded by Nouveau Fauve Art.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on October 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “Inland Waterway cloud reflection”

  1. awesome photo!

  2. o and btw – i tried emailing you twice, but i am not sure if either of them went through, the first time i even went through the whole application process you have set up for accepting persons that can send you emails. and today i tried emailing you again, which returned back immediately, please let me know if you have received either of those mails from me.

  3. I just emailed you and put your email in my address book. I should be able to see your emails in my inbox now. I did answer you when you commented (I can see your email there) and I wonder if your email is blocking me and mine is blocking you. Try again. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for being persistent

  4. I adore the depth of this photo – I want to say that if “feels” so think and deep which is amazing really considering the space you were taking a photo of – landscapes are hard I think because most people (okay people like me) have such a tough time making a scene seem full. This does it amazingly well yet remains peaceful. Great work!

  5. this is definitely a favorite photo of mine. thank you to all others who like it too.

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