Acrylic Collage

4X6 inches

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on October 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Delta”

  1. beautiful art work

  2. so glad you like it. I love your work….. as you know.

  3. I have to agree with ankush here – the first four are my favorites and I’m pretty amazed at the quality as well as the quantity of work your putting out. You had mentioned that the metallic look had been missed once putting it on with a photo – however, I do get that – as well as the daintiness of the leaves on the flowers. (It’s almost as if an angel painted them instead.) I really like (and I hope I get the title correct) River Bend. These colors are pretty, bold and show how really extensive your creative imagination is. I know this is a long comment however, if a person is on a blog complaining about their boss … well, there just isn’t so much effort put into that. However, if an artist, stays up all night producing such thick bold work – well, it’s worthy (in my opinion) to take the time to absorb it and be honest. I love these pieces primarily because of what they say about you. I get a southern lady madly in love with nature and if you’d like it stated in a different way madly in tune with nature. (most likely the concepts mesh perfectly.) lovely. 🙂

    p.s. I keep thinking while I’m looking these over that somewhere I caught these impressions out in the natural element as well…. I wonder if some day when I fall upon it again I’ll be able to photo it if nothing else but to compliment your hard work. Well, here’s to hoping…..

  4. You are definitely a special person to take so much time to comment on my work. I think it is such a compliment to get any comment but to get a rather in depth and genuine analysis or interpretation from someone who has never met me, is really a rare honor indeed. I thank you sincerely. I am gaining much from your work and it is expanding to me, as an artist and a person, to be able to view it and have you share it with the world. I find the support we get on these blogs is a useful thing. It has been motivating and, if art is communication, we need a place to show (communicate) it. The Internet has worked out OK.

  5. You have been busy while I was gone. Your works and your words are all beautiful and moving.
    I plan to return when I have more time so I can look at my leisure.
    Until then..

  6. thanks Suz

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