Just a Leaf …….a sonnet by George Gray

After All, It’s Just a Leaf

a sonnet

Hot leaves fall from August  trees

Cut off in their prime of life

Mother weeping green, dry tears

Drifting down the desert breeze

Sacrifice for future years

Father, lover, brother, son

Sapping moisture from the earth

Better now than in the fall

Fewer in the future sure

Color has no dollar worth

Could it not be better won?

Sister, daughter, lover, wife

Rooted in the firm belief

Does she suffer guilt or grief?


This little poem has such meaning on so many levels.  It was written in August of this year.  The heat and the drought was severe.  George was sitting on our deck early in the morning watching the trees drop their leaves as they tried to survive the terrible conditions. I plan to do a piece of art with the poem in it.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on October 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Just a Leaf …….a sonnet by George Gray”

  1. That is very moving – very moving.

    p.s. my favorite lines?

    “Color has no dollar worth

    Could it not be better won?”

    I think your right about the depth… I feel like the poem is talking about the trees and it also feels like it’s speaking of the struggle of an artist as well. (or maybe that idea can just apply – however for me it feels like I relate strongly to the tree) I love it.

  2. This poem is a perfect tribute to Autumn…I would add the words to a picture of colorful leaves…written fancy right on the picture,,( i can’t do that) or i would had write the poem in a circle all the way around a picture..sort of outlining it..then i’d frame it…
    oh well, you’ll get lots of ideas i’m sure..
    beautiful poem..

  3. Oh if you’re posting Dad’s recent poems, post the one he wrote about the dove! I liked it.

  4. “Sacrifice for future years” Sounds like an artist’s mission statement to me.

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