Light Rail Celebration

Light Rail Celebration

Acrylic Painting

4X6 inches

Normally Charlotte’s rampant development, its sophomoric “wannabe” rivalry with Atlanta, and its lack of a “soul”, gets on my nerves and makes me ask “What am I doing here?”….  but the attempts of the ‘City Fathers” to establish a light rail system (whatever their motives) has been a project I have been FOR.  We need to do something about all our cars and traffic and dirty, filthy air.  The city has sprawled miles and miles out into the country side, gobbling up small villages and towns, farms and woodlands.  Some downtown  jobs require from their suburban dwelling workers  as much as an hour commute. The train project has cost more than we taxpayers thought it would and has had some sloppy management from time to time, but none of that surprised me.  I don’t excuse it but am just too used to it.  Our government, from Charlotte to Washington, is squandering billions and even trillions of dollars on things I don’t want my taxes going to support……  so I am experiencing great pleasure that there is an effort to do something about transportation issues here. The project is a look towards the future and making this city a better place for our grandkids to live. In a few days there will be a big celebration for the opening of the train, which happens to go past the back door of a local art league where I spend a lot of time and exhibit my work.  Naturally, we artists are participating.  Several members have started a community mosaic project on our building that will face the tracks.  They are raising money for the project by having an Enormous Tiny Art Show and I am contributing several 4×6 inch paintings to their Christmas sale.  Hooray for community spirit!  I plan to celebrate the train and the community and the artists who are making an old neighborhood sparkle and gleam with the collaboration of families and artists from all over town.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Light Rail Celebration”

  1. You do beautiful artwork…

  2. Thanks for your comments. It is good to hear from you again. I have been busy. I had a solo show. Sounds like a really big deal, doesn’t it? It did take up some time and I have another freelance job that PAYS going on right now and some volunteer work to do….. and then there is the holiday season. I will get back to my easel art and my blogging soon, though.

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