Lynx Blue Line

Lynx Blue Line 

 Acrylic Painting

4X6 inches

The light rail train, which will be up and running in a few more days as part of the Charlotte Area Transit System (or CATS), is a long awaited addition to the Charlotte scene.  I live near the rail line and will certainly use it.  When heading to work at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, I have, all too often, suffered with getting to the downtown area and finding parking.  Now I can go to a production meeting at ImaginOn or an opera at the Performing Arts Center without stressing over being late because of traffic, having to pay extra for parking, or missing the curtain. This is a place I am happy to see my tax money go.  I hope the rails will eventually spread all over Charlotte and to surrounding communities and towns.  Every day the local news starts out with reports of traffic accidents on our major interstates.  Often at rush hour I have crossed a highway overpass and seen that the interstates looked like parking lots (mostly because of auto accidents).  I can only think of this electric rail as a boon to the quality of life here and will most certainly celebrate it’s opening.

Tiny Art Invite

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on November 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lynx Blue Line”

  1. Sandra, I love this! It needs a name. I’ve posted a tiny art call — can I blog this as an example? I love the way you worked with the white — very dynamic.

  2. Yes, you can use it. I actually like the name of the train line (Lynx, Blue Line) for the painting. It was what I was thinking of when I painted it….the train on the rails and the South End Line……and thanks for the positive feedback. I thought you mosaic women would be interested to know I am fired up about this whole community network of involvement and improvement.

  3. this.

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