Green Sepals

Green Sepals

Acrylic Painting

4X6 inches

I gave away my other collage with sepals (they were a purply pink).  It went into a gift basket for a gathering of media types, though I am not sure if anyone connected with “the media” got it.   I was hoping to gain a great friend in some local publication and become famous….not.  Anyway,  I did another sepal collage because I had received lots of comments on it which were favorable.  The Hydrangea plume, which I am robbing for sepals, will not last forever.  I must glue them on while they are still in fair condition.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on November 18, 2007.

8 Responses to “Green Sepals”

  1. this is just WOW! i love the green/blue tones

  2. Lovely composition and colors.

  3. This is beautiful and soothing to the soul.

  4. thanks everybody!


  6. thank you

  7. I really like this one… I like lots of them actually but this one has that somthing.

  8. Ah ha! You are looking at my blog! What an honor! Thanks Shanti! Great praise coming from you, a former teacher! All my blogger friends, you need to check out Shanti Marie’s blog…. listed in my blogroll. She is a skilled watercolorist and a gifted teacher.

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