Solo Show! Featuring Mmoatia’s Thruway

Mmoatia’s Thruway

Mmoatia’s Thruway

Collage Painting

This piece is a sample done on a scrap of wood from the scene shop.  It was done to show the scenic artist for the play how I wanted the backdrop to look……highly textured with wire, lace mesh etc.  The effect was to capture the jungles of Ghana and the ancient pathways that its earliest peoples traveled from village to village.  Mmoatia was an impish jungle fairy who loved to play tricks. She was the basic character in many an ancient story passed down from one generation to another.  African Tales of Earth and Sky was a collection of these stories written into play from to be staged for audiences of children.   I designed this show a few years ago at the old Children’s Theatre of Charlotte on Morehead Street (a beautiful building which no longer exists).  I am currently working on a design for BFG by Roald Dahl which will be staged in January of 2008 in the new Children’s Theatre building downtown.

A week ago I was contacted by the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Charlotte to be the featured artist for December.  Of course, I was honored but had such a rush to get things together and slap them on the walls.  I did not have time to send notices to friends and “patrons” but the show opened on a busy “crawl” night and lots of people viewed the show.  I even printed excerpts from my blog to post beside the works and was pleased to see how many people actually read them.  I got more comments and discussion from gallery goers than usual and it was a very good night. The works will hang in the Center until the end of December, so if you are anywhere near Charlotte, drop in. 

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on December 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “Solo Show! Featuring Mmoatia’s Thruway”

  1. cool!! congratulations!! you’ve been busy

  2. That’s a lot of activity for you. No wonder you caught a cold! Congratulations on the show!

  3. This is the piece of yours that first caught my eye…and I still want to “step into it” :~).
    I wish I lived in your area so I could see your show. I guess the second best thing is hearing about your opening…so thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks everybody. This is the most supportive blog site….wordpress, I mean. Others are not so much. People like to dig at you, sometimes. I feel like we all enjoy seeing each other succeed.

  5. Congrats. What a thrill to not only have people look at your art, but to actually ENGAGE and talk about it. Wish I had been there. (I would have told you exactly what i think. 🙂 All wonderful!

  6. Really beautiful work. Congratulations on the show. Many wishes for success…

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