Dennis Kucinich displays IATSE card


Dennis is out of the race. The loss is great. As a former IATSE union member I display his proud association with us working stiffs.  He was one of us.

Here was one of very few candidates with no strings attached.  Now that big business in Cleveland is trying to unseat him in Congress, he has to stop and concentrate on staying in Congress.  He needs money to do this.  Here, again, is the inherent evil in our political system….(that of having you office bought and paid for)…..rearing its head.  There was none other like him.  His ideas were borrowed by other candidates and that is his contribution to this country.  He was able to wield his political influence on the party by stirring up the grass roots base enough to make the front runners come closer to the ideas he had been running on for years. This is why it is important to support the candidate who comes closest to your own issues.  Grassroots candidates like Dennis, Mike Gravel, Ron Paul, all treated like kooks by corporate media, are the most valuable assets to what is left of our “democracy. “Even if he or she  is “unelectable” (as the media likes to put it) he still has his influence on the party platform if he can collect a following.  Stick with your own principles.  Don’t jump on the bandwagon of a rock star or a candidate the media is endorsing. Those candidates are often  casting about for poll results to espouse as their “core beliefs”.  They either have none of their own or they are hiding them for political reasons. Support candidates with your beliefs and the courage to stand by them.  They are the best leaders.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on January 25, 2008.

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