Robert Franklin Melvin Dies in Hawaii March 4, 2008

Robert Franklin Melvin in Chapel Hill

Robert Franklin Melvin

below is a link to his memorial website that his family set up for him

My father’s first cousin died in an auto accident in Hawaii on March 4.  I just learned of it and am so stunned.  He was in constant correspondence with me and had so many of my father’s interests.  He loved family history and was helping me put one of the two genealogies my dad had compiled into a document we could load onto the Internet.  It was a lot of work and he did most of it on his computer. 

He lived in the Raleigh/ Durham area and, though it is only three hours (my driving time) from Charlotte, I just never saw him.  We communicated extensively by email.  This is a photo taken on a trip to Chapel Hill where we enjoyed an afternoon together. The other is taken in the arboretum in front of a tanbark oak that came from my father’s private botanical garden.  Bob was very knowledgeable about plants and it was another interest he shared with my father. The other was taken by my husband of the two of us. 

Bob was a perpetual student.  His interests were so very extensive.  He had either a little or a lot of knowledge about a lot of things.  This attribute also reminded me of my father, who was thirty six years older than Bob.  Bob shared so much in common with my father you would have thought he was my brother rather than my first cousin once removed. Though we were not of the same generation, we were the same age. He was one of a very few people in my life who writes to me and stays in close touch.  I can’t let myself think of how much I am going to miss him!

Robert F Melvin in Arbotetum at Chapel Hill

Robert at a tanbark oak donated by my father to the arboretum at Chapel Hill

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on March 8, 2008.

10 Responses to “Robert Franklin Melvin Dies in Hawaii March 4, 2008”

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Sandra. It’s a blessing though that you have those wonderful memories!

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Sandra. It’s a blessing though that you have those wonderful memories!

  3. So sorry for your loss. I hope you can get access to all that work. And I just know Hawaii was supposed to be a good experience. Damn.

  4. He sounds like a wonderful man, certainly one to be missed.. Hang on to the good times.

  5. Thank you all for your comfort and caring. I decided to link this blog to his memorial website that his family set up. I can upload pictures and write my memories more easily on my blog. I also hope some of his closest family and friends will see some of my pictures and my personal eulogy.

  6. I have known Bob for one and a half years from the English Conversation Club at NC State University. We met every Thursday and talked random things. Last Thursday before the accident, He called me from Hawaii and said they just arrived and asked if I had someone to talk to in the club. He said he would show us the pictures of Hawaii. I miss Bob…

  7. To me, he is the most enthusiastic person who is always ready to help international students in the college of MEAS. He is a so nice person, and we will miss him whenever we visited Jordan Hall, especially seeing those plants…

  8. Oh Sandra, I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Big hugs to you and yours. He sounds like a wonderful man who brought a lot of light to all those who knew him.
    Take care

  9. Wow, hon I am so sorry to hear about this… First, Charles your friend and then your cousin. I’m blown away with emotion here. I hope you take really wonderful care of yourself and just be nice to you. I think when you suffer two losses so close together that kind of impact… well, it’s just terrible. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and Bob sounds like a wonderful man. I’ve spent the last couple of months working on genealogy of my grandfather and that is no simple task. Anyway – my thoughts are with you and my gratitude that you shared Bob’s story with us – along with Charles as well. I’ll send as many healing thoughts that I can muster and hope you have a lot of hugs in the near future.

  10. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! You know Stephanie Toney, right? She is my teacher, and she was talking about her uncle dying. Oh…I’m so sorry, for all of you…That is just so awful… I hope that it will all turn out okay with his sister, at least…

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