Lionel and Lucy Melvin (Dad and Mom)

Mom and Dad

My father and mother about the time of their marriage at the onset of World War II

 I have been in a family mood lately.  Generations fade into history.  I will be next.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on March 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Lionel and Lucy Melvin (Dad and Mom)”

  1. Nice looking couple there…your Father looks strong and your Mother has a sweetness to her! 🙂

    When you say “I will be next”…I hope you mean far from now!
    All is okay…right?

  2. Yeah, I guess I’m OK. I just meant that, with them gone (years ago) , mine is becoming the oldest ganeration in the family. There are a couple of very elderly aunts left. My husband’s mother is still with us. The loss of my cousin really stunned me. He was really more of a close friend and was my age. I remember my parents losing their friends and family one by one as they got older. Happens.

  3. I understand..I really do. Especially about the loss of your cousin. 😦

    Yes it happens, such is the way…eh? That’s why we have to live, love, and laugh everyday!!

    Sending you healing heart energies!!

  4. I could be mentioning something you already know but it’s amazing how much you and your cousin look like your Dad. (IMHO) He is a very handsome man. And your mother is pretty as a picture too. There is something about a loved one passing away that reminds us of our own mortality. That’s a given. I’m glad you shared these pictures with us. I still think that even in our moments of loss nothing ever goes away (energy and physics prove that) However, I’m also sending as many good thoughts as possible. I think about you often when I photograph and think what a shame and how ineffective a computer is when on the other end a person needs a really good friend. When I lost my father it sent me into an emotional tailspin for something like four years. It is not easy not by a longshot … but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. You’ve had a hard last month and deserve better.

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