Family Christmas Photo 1966…….things change

Family Christmas Pic 1966

Speaking of time taking its tole and  younger generations replacing the old, I am the chick in the front row on the floor, with  the dark blue skirt and the light blue top. At that time of my life, people thought I looked like Mom.  Now I do look like Dad looked in his old age. I was given this photo after my father in law died and the family was cleaning out a lot of collected stuff. It was taken a year after I was married.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on March 27, 2008.

13 Responses to “Family Christmas Photo 1966…….things change”

  1. If I were Barbra Streisand, I could sing ‘memories’ and yes, things certainly do change.

  2. My goodness you did so much look like your mother. I loved the way you look in this picture, knowing, and you also look like you’ve got life by the horns and then some! I love that some are posing but then you’ve got intimate family giggles in the left frame. And my! how you stand out… You have a beautiful family.

  3. Well, look at that, you do kinda look like your mom.

    And where is your husband in this picture, hm????

  4. wow you look hot! 🙂

  5. wow – this photo gives me warmth!
    this pushes me: next X-mas i HAVE to make a picture of the family!!!!!!!

    besides that i agree with ankush but would replace ‘hot’ by “like a model’ :o)

  6. Thank you all for your comments. When aullori commented that I looked like Dad these days, I thought I would show how things change and since I just came by this photo, I was able to show better than usual (since there are not so very many photos of me back then) that I once looked like Mom. AND, since I posted the recent photo of myself and my cousin, I admit, that I am also showing everyone that I was not always a frump.
    Husband is the guy with the GI haircut, dark rimmed glasses, lying on the floor on the left. This is his family (and it became mine) He had just been commissioned from OCS training at Fort Benning, GA and was ready to go lead an Infantry platoon in Viet Nam. Fortunately, he got orders for Germany and was able to live on to father our beautiful kids.
    I have been working on some freestanding figures…..and another painting. It has taken my focus….which is good….but I do want to take time to visit all your blogs. You have certainly been faithful to mine.

  7. Not only are you beautiful, but what a pose! Very “come hither” — but not just in a sexual way, also in a “life” way, as if you’re saying “Bring it on, I want to experience everything that life can offer.” Most everyone I know is a jaded version of their younger selves. We all need to find the way to recapture that zest and passion for life.

  8. What a beautiful family… I cannot help but wonder who was holding the camera, or what everyone was doing just before they gathered around for the picture.

    I also love the picture hanging behind the couch … and will you look at that wallpaper and the lamp… such history, such memories….

  9. Papa George (George’s father) took the picture….he is not in it. It is a Southern family with some remnants of a lost family fortune still in it’s possession.

  10. Ahh…I love this family photo. I see the same beautiful spirit in the picture with your cousin!

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. WOW! You are beautiful and what a seductive pose. It is nice to have photos like this.

  12. My, my! This photo was well worth posting if just to swell my head for a moment….. and then I remember that it is now 41 years later and I posted it to just show how much someone can change in appearance. But thanks anyway. I have no doubt that we all posses more esthetic qualities in our youth but I don’t mind the change. I would not want to go back to that age….unless I could take the experience of all my current years with me. Only then, would I be likely to fix my mistakes.

  13. Cool new look.

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