A Special Treat for my Photographer friends.

Annie with camera

See that lady with a camera?

Barack, a

That is Annie Leibowitz, y’all.

 I went to see Barack but got the treat of my lifetime seeeing Annie Leibowitz at work.  My camera just gets a lot of graininess from the back of the house but, this is she.  I could see her clearly through my friend’s Nikon.  My envy for my friend’s Nikon is great.

Annie in Crowd

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on March 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “A Special Treat for my Photographer friends.”

  1. Oh you lucky dog! What a thrill!

  2. I am so serious! Wow, how neat is that?

  3. Oh girl!! I love Annie L and Barack!!

    Talk about being at the right place at the right time!!

  4. i just love her. i am all green. how are you?

  5. This is extremely cool. And look at her evaluating her photo – serious stuff!

  6. Oh, I just noticed Barack is in the photo, too. Hmm!

  7. I love her work too! I saw her “at work” during a special on television. It’s fun to see the pros in action!

    In all honesty, however, I’d like to complement you on your “observation” skills … yes, I know that artists and photographers need these skills and have honed them best. Still, a lot of folks would never have taken notice of the photographers in the crowd.

  8. Wow. You all DO appreciate these pics. I was so thrilled. Still am. My friend, Jewel, pointed her out….must give credit where credit is due. My vision is not so good.

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