Blueberries Threatened by Frost Again

Blueberry from the eastern wilds of North Carolina.

Once again, just as my favorite fruit is in full bloom, we are threatened with frost in Piedmont North Carolina. I was given this plant by my brother (who got it form my father). As a family, we have always enjoyed these blueberries. My father had a large blueberry “patch” and my brother set them out on his property in long rows that gave him a huge crop every year. I have one lonely shrub but I love the fruit. The grocery store berries are tasteless compared to my wild high bush variety (rabbit eye blueberries) with more acid and the twang of the heath family. This one very full and tall shrub bears enough for my husband and me and some birds …..that is, when it escapes these spring frosts.


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on April 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Blueberries Threatened by Frost Again”

  1. I sure hope they escape the frost! I remember seeing blueberries in coastal N.C., but I never saw them bloom. Those are gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful images, and your wild blueberries sound delicious!

    Isn’t it amazing when one “zooms in” exquisite beauty abounds…usually unseen.

    I wonder if this blueberry bush grows well in Florida?

    Thank you for sharing your world with us. πŸ™‚

  3. BlueBerries are a wonderfully healthy treat. They promote great brain function and fight the aging process more than anything i know of..personally i dont get enough of them and only the grocerey store viratey when i do. i wonder if kildeer farm has them here in kings mountain? i need to investigate!

  4. “The grocery store berries are tasteless compared to my wild high bush variety” I completely understand this statement! I don’t think that many who’ve eaten anything but berries from a supermarket understand how much more delicious the ones in nature are… I’m a big berry fan for that very reason. In my case I have to eat more (they tend to be smaller) however, I want to eat more! We have this bush over here called a service berry bush and it’s rarely plucked however they taste just like the store bought blueberries. But in the wild us rural folk tend to consider them tasteless and just wander to the blueberry bushes. πŸ™‚

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