Magnolia Frazeri Blooms

The bud of a Magnolia Frazeri

My yard is blooming!  Happiness!  I grew this deciduous magnolia native to North Carolina.  I found it while roaming around the woods near a cabin where I was staying on the NC/Tenn line.  It was about fifteen years ago.  There were several of these magnolias in bloom all through the woods and under them all were lots of little sprouts. I didn’t have a shovel with me so brought it home bare roots and about a foot high.  It has survived to enrich my life in my barren city landscape.

A Frazer magnolia full of buds against a stormy spring sky.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Magnolia Frazeri Blooms”

  1. How fortunate that it grew for you! Having that origin makes it extra special!

  2. What a fabulous story! Every time I have ever attempted to plant wildflowers near my house they always die. I have always admired people who’s thumbs can match Kermits… unfortunately for me – mine thumb is rather brown! 🙂 Because of this I own no houseplants… and have to suck off of natures bounty and allow them to live free. Anytime I attempt to grow something I become the plant killer. (My sister is so talented – like you – she can do really cool things like this!) Great post!

  3. A truly lovely flower. How grand you can enjoy it in the city.

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