Hand To Hand

These are hands that I made to exhibit in the Hand to Hand project originated and captained by Cecelia Kane.  They represent the week of March 10-15 2008. Her explanation to me when I joined the project explains it better then I could.  Everyone is welcomed to participate, be you an artist or not, but especially if you are an artist. Here are links to the project that tell more and show the exhibits in the Round Gallery and the Spruill Gallery in the Atlanta area.


—– Original Message —–
To: Sandra Gray
Sent: 9/29/2007 5:54:26 PM


I went to your website and I’d be glad to have you in the Hand to Hand Project  You may already know the process, but I’ll explain it below, and then send a couple of emails of images.

I first showed the gloves at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center in 2005 when it was just me and 3 years of my daily war gloves.
Then I found a venue in Nashville at Ruby Green Gallery last winter to show the whole thing again plus all the collaborative artists’ gloves to that date. The next venue will be at the Spruill Gallery in Dunwoody, GA  March 6-April 26, 2008. I can provide you with 6 of the white cotton photo archivist gloves which I used, or you can use your own if you like. Some artists have used vintage gloves, rubber gloves, military gloves etc. It’s up to you. I have plenty. Just let me know if you want me to mail you the gloves. If so, I will need your snail mail address.

Here’s my explanation of the project:
Background: From the beginning of the Iraq War in March 2003 through January 2006, I painted a news story almost daily on stuffed white gloves. These gloves depict the newspaper headline, the date the story appeared and my interpretation of the event. Each glove is a “rosary bead” in this on-going, meditation of war witnessing. I made no other comment on the war.

Since 2006, I’ve expanded the project to include other artists in a variety of media as a living community dialog. 90 artists so far from Atlanta and across the country have each signed up for a specific week. They have chosen a news story a day during “their week” and created glove-related art works in response.
I use gloves because fingers count, and this is a counting, time-based installation piece of unfolding, chronological events. Hands also act for good or evil, construction or destruction, help or hurt. There are about 1,500 gloves to date.
Here are the “rules” and process:
You will wait for your 6-day week to roll around. (We don’t do Sundays.)
I’ve assigned

You will pick a news blurb or story or headline a day from whatever source you choose.

You will respond artistically to the stories, creating one artwork each day using gloves, or a combo is also possible.

Show the dates on the gloves.

You can be literal or abstract in any medium. Some people are even using sound and animation, plaster, embroidery, photography, beadwork, etc. etc.

Make the installation of your work as easy as possible to install in sequence. Most gloves went up with a pushpin.

That’s it. Ask me any questions you have.

Cecelia Kane


~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on May 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “Hand To Hand”

  1. I have never had so much trouble posting on this blog as I did with this post tonight. I am technically challenged and the format was not working for me. After an hour, I think it is OK. I hope you enjoy it…. now that I have suffered so. I hope that your interest in the project will be piqued and you will look it up on line and maybe participate or go to see it when it is exhibited in your area.

  2. These hands are cool!

  3. What an inspirational project!

  4. that looks like a great project to participate in!

  5. Do it…..participate in it.

  6. Wow. That is a great tetimony to what is going on in Iraq. Something like this is very powerful. Thanks for posting. I did write a piece, “Could You Be a War Photographer,” to illustrate the horrow and testimony of war as the witness, the photograper sees it. Powerful. Artists can change the world.

  7. Very true, Ellen.

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