Yellowwood (cladrastis) trying to survive the drought

The Yellowwood (cladrastis) my father gave me is trying to hang on.  Its fragrant blooms are such a pleasure to me every spring.  Obviously it is in the pea family. You can see how much of this tree  is dead.  Still it struggles to survive…..just like its species….lingering precarioulsy on the endangered species list.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “Yellowwood (cladrastis) trying to survive the drought”

  1. Sandra, do you ever press any of these heirloom flowers?

  2. Sandra,

    That is really sad. Water it every day! We are going through a heat wave here in Michigan, too. Nasty hot.

    I hope it survives. I will think about you and your tree and send you good energy.

    Take care. E

  3. Well that is very kind of you, Ellen. Thanks so much. We have stringent water restrictions here and that is why it died last summer and winter…I will water it as much as I can until the water restrictions are again tightened. You are right though. It IS sad.
    I’m going to California tomorrow. Haven’t been there since I was two years old. I plan to see Yosemite. It will be one of several a life long dreams fulfilled. Be back on the fifteenth.

  4. I’ve never seen one of these. We have been in a drought here too, but today we had a good heavy rain. I hope you had some your way too!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  5. It is sad to see a favorite tree slowly die … I have a crabapple tree in my front yard that has brought so much joy. Birds, animals, all have “stopped by” and used the tree in some way for survival and, in the process, provided such entertainment!

    We’ve had almost too much rain, here in New England, this summer but it has not helped the tree … right now, I am “thinning” out the dead branches in hopes that will help. We’ll just have to see.

    As this post was dated in early June, perhaps you could give us an update?

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