“Back of the Garden” by David Clark

“Back of the Garden”

plein aire painting by David Clark

David writes:

“I picked this piece for Sandra Gray because of our mutual interests in plants and gardens.  Sandra has been involved in plants, both wild and domesticated since childhood due, in part, to the influence of her father who was a lifelong botanist.  We both share a love for wild flowers and the wild places that nurture them.  Her garden and her art include many of our beautiful native North Carolina flowers.  She and I have enjoyed talking and trading emails about her flowering gardens and my hiking through glades of blooming wild flowers this spring in the Smoky Mountains.

I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, but especially cycling, hiking, and camping.  All of my current art works are plein air landscapes done either around Charlotte or in the Appalachian mountains of the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, ad Virginia.  My work has taken me all over the world including living for extended periods of time in the U.K., Italy, and Russia so those landscapes also appear in my art.  I am interested in meeting other members of the Charlotte Art League that would be interested in plein air painting.”

I really enjoyed meeting David and exchanging paintings.  His work is wonderful and I will think of him when I look at it on my den wall. I have made a new friend.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 25, 2008.

6 Responses to ““Back of the Garden” by David Clark”

  1. Beautiful! Those are both great paintings! Good exchange!

  2. Oo, I love that!

  3. How lovely for both of you!

    I love “Back of the Garden”..especially the energy of it!

    Indeed, it was a very good exchange!

  4. How cool that you share not only a love of plants, but a similar love of color. These are both great pieces, and I predict renewed enthusiasm sparking from both of you. You did a great thing for CAL Sandra. I was just looking at two mosaics created by acquaintances inspired by the same photograph. That could be another fun art swap idea — to see how partners would artistically interpret the same photograph or scene.

  5. Yes, Pam. That IS a good idea.

  6. I am hoping somewhere here can assist me in finding the Artist David Clark, this artist painted water colors in the early 1900’s. Is there any relation to this David Clark? We have in our possession a water color of a country home with small hens roaming around in watercolor that was discovered in my deceased Uncle’s basement in Massachusetts. It is signed and dated by David Clark 1903.

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