Potency and Asanti, two sculptures

Potency 3Asanti 4


Above:  Potency  (Sold)

Below:  Asanti  (Sold)

I have been experimenting with a gooey substance with paper and glue.  It is a premixed papier mache product.  It hardens nicely and does not break and shatter like ceramic (although one of my pieces was broken just befgore entering it in a juried show)  One of the difficulties and the tricks to success is, of course, a successful armature. It has needed as much thought and creative juice to make one as it is to make the final sculpture.  I would work with clay, but really need a class.  There is not one available for sculpture and modeling.  I don’t want to throw pots so I have been on hold for one of those for years.

~ by Sandra Lynn Gray on June 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Potency and Asanti, two sculptures”

  1. Those are really beautiful! I like Potency the best…but both are truly amazing.

  2. Amazing. Very creative and quite soulful too.

  3. I love these…I would like to know more about how you created these wonderful pieces! 🙂

    I just remembered you want to know more about tactile art for the blind. We can talk on Facebook…eh?

    So good to see you creating!

  4. These are beautiful.

  5. Badass

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